Manhattan jukebox  

The Manhattan CD jukebox has a lovely classic wood and cast metal body giving room filling presence with bubbles up the legs, scrolling colour panels and a powerful built in speaker system with lovely acoustics.

Choose from over 1500 pre loaded tracks on 70 CD’s, browse using title cards to go through the discs and then select your favorites using the keypad. Tracks play in the order that they are selected and there is no limit to the number you can queue up. With over five days music on this box all on free play you have either got a seriously long party planned, or you are going to have to choose wisely!

This jukebox is best for background music at a party or a formal reception as the tracks play from CD so there are gaps when the songs change which is not best suited for dance floor action. Extra speakers can be hired for a really large venue or for those who just want to turn it up loud, although beware check with the neigh boughs first or better still invite them round too! For full details of pricing click here

We stock our CD jukeboxes with a broad mix of hits from the 60's through to the present day, from chart, to Indie and the golden classics so whatever you're into we have the music for you. New discs are put on monthly so if you're a chart fan we won't let you down, or if Elvis is your thing, no problem. Tell us what you're into and we can take care of the rest, or alternatively why not choose to personalise your box with your own CD's ? Please discuss with your local branch.
We've all got a stack of CD's at home somewhere, so why not choose to make it that little bit more special and choose your favorites to go onto the jukebox. We will load & test the cd's and create the library cards to go on display so you can make your selections. We ask for you to send us the discs at least 7 days before the hire date, so we can get things ready. Please discuss with us. No CD-R ‘s please for copyright reasons.
Let's be honest, one person's idea of music, can make another person cry, so if that crazy gran has just selected some dodgy old track , just when you were getting down , hit the reject button and let the music flow. This control box is wired to all our machines, and is located on the rear of the jukebox and lets the user adjust the volume and reject tracks. Usually operated by the person paying, whoever's party it is or ultimately anyone drunk enough to have the bottle. You have been warned, keep the little black box on a need to know basis...
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